New EarBuds from MIVI Launched at Low Price

Mivi Duopods A550

Indian sound extras creator Mivi has sent off three new items in the country. The setup incorporates Duopods A550, A70 and the Collar Classic Pro Neckband. Both these duopods offer Bluetooth 5.1 network. The organization professes to present to 50 hours of recess with this. Have some familiarity with the cost and highlights of these three items.

Price for Mivi Duopods A550, F70, Collar Classic Pro

1 year guarantee is given on this large number of three items. You can purchase these items from Mivi e-store, Amazon India and Flipkart. Duopods A550 and F70 are evaluated at Rs 1,599. The Collar Classic Pro Neckband has been sent off at a cost of Rs 1,099. Duopods F70 has been sent off in Beige, Coral, Black and Blue tones. Mivi Duopods A550 comes in four varieties Black, Blue, Mint Green and White. Collar Neckband comes in five variety choices Black, Blue, Endlessly green and Red.

Elements of Mivi Duopods A550 and Duopods F70

These headphones have 12mm sound driver support. Buds can interface remotely up to a sweep of 10 meters. The tiny headphones support quick accusing along of a USB Type-C port. The Buds can be completely energized in 60 minutes. So after 100% charge it can run for as long as 50 hours. The Duopods A550 and Duopods F70 headphones accompany Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) support.

Details of Collar Classic PRO

The Collar Classic PRO necklace accompanies a 190mAh battery. It presents to 72 hours of playback time. USB Type-C port quick charging support is given in the necklace. Aloof Noise Cancellation (ENC) support is given in the necklace.

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